Confirmation of my bad luck
2011-01-14 09:03:51 ET

The insurance agency came back with a value of my car. After taxes and fees I'm getting 900 bucks. That's not even enough to to a real down payment on a used car. Looks like I'm reduced to being even more dependent on my parents by now driving their cars. If anyone knows how I can put points into my luck score I would appreciate it. Or this might be the required pay off of all the karma I had to buy in order to survive the accident.


2011-01-14 09:20:26 ET


use the 'fair value' based off of newspaper sales in your area and not just the f'n stupid blue book.

also what taxes? insurance payments don't get taxes AFAIK

2011-01-14 12:01:10 ET

Damn man... damn.

2011-01-14 12:53:04 ET

Nothing was taxed of fee'd when I got the money for my car. I wouldn't settle for that either man. You can fight it up until you cash the check. This is also all the more reason to sue that bitch to get money for the medical bills for your already shitty back and a down payment on your next car.

2011-01-14 14:00:44 ET

no shit, insurance will drop 10k - 25k without thinking a thing about it. cheaper than court.

2011-01-14 17:16:50 ET

They are giving me retail value of the car. Im not sure what recourse i can have against them. Apparently i still have half the load to pay off. Though i could have sworn that i had payed off at least 2/3s.

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