2011-01-15 17:47:34 ET

Okay so I got home from work tonight and decided that after a shitty day at a terrible job, some PvP on EVE is just what the doctor ordered. I logged on and as soon as the graphics card was asked to do anything more then breath it exploded. No warning at all. After running a few hours of diagnostics I am rather sure that the graphics card has given up the ghost after 3 years of service. Well time to spend 150 dollars that I don't have. Why can't I have nice things?

In other news I have determined that the insurance company is giving me salvage value (also known as low end trade in value) of the car. I'm going to fight this. Mainly because the difference between the salvage value and the retail value is about 5,500 bucks.

2011-01-16 04:30:06 ET

You can find a /much/ cheaper card to run everything you own just fine.

2011-01-16 04:34:39 ET



I personally prefer ATI cards but you have an intel processor so Nvidia works best and I really like EVGA cards. SubSonik still has my two old ones and they still run ever current game pretty well.

2011-01-16 07:30:10 ET

yeah, they do.

Metro 2033 chugs a little, but it's playable.

And what bullshit insurance company do you have?

2011-01-16 08:32:13 ET

One of the issues is that I need to find a pair of SLI cards. I'm going to be running two monitors soon.

2011-01-16 11:12:53 ET

Most video cards have two ports on the back. I can play any game on max settings with 2 monitors and I still get 40-70 fps depending on the game (especially considering most are shitty ports now).

2011-01-16 20:19:04 ET

I'm doing some high end rendering so *shrugs*

Ill grab one for now and then do another if needed.

2011-01-17 02:50:46 ET

That's more of a RAM issue usually.

2011-01-17 10:41:54 ET

Got a new graphics cars. Issue seems to have completely resolved itself and soon as I changed out the cards.

For what i got im really happy that it worked

I got a EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTS 450, and i got it on sale for about 90 bucks.

2011-01-17 12:12:15 ET

Those aren't bad cards but they do run hot so watch out.

2011-01-23 07:47:12 ET

thanks for the info, as it stands i upgraded all my main fans in my system from 120mm to 140mm, so that should help.

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