Trying to be useful
2011-04-23 22:51:42 ET

I have been trying to find out what to do with my life. Notably with little success. Primarily I seem to be unable to connect the level of effort I put into a subject or task with the result I get. They seem to be massively disjointed. Obj well another mystery of the universe.

In other news I'm trying to improve my understanding of the universe around me. Weather this is actual truth or just more misunderstandings is amylose guess. I have come to the conclusion that humans and animals in general are selfish pleasure seeking creatures. In otherwords people seak out things that make them happy. This makes it far easier to understand what and how learned mental disturbances occur and what reinforces them. And makes changing them a bit more clear, if not easier.

This is what happens when you have a college education and nearly a masters and no job...

Well that's all my 4 am brain can offer.

2011-04-24 03:00:48 ET

I have a job but no degree at the moment so don't feel so bad. :D

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