When yah can't sleep
2011-09-18 04:18:16 ET

So I went to a camp site for a LARP. The sit had issues earlier in the year with bed bugs. But we were assured by the management that the issue was taken care of. The game was a lot of fun until the start of the third day. I was getting dressed to go out and hit some PCs what I discovered a very large bed bug sitting on my sock. Now I must say that this building that we were in did not have the bed bug infestation, or so we were told. After a quick search of my sleeping bag I found 5 more adults and even more younger ones. I sounded the alarm and everyone started searching. It quickly became apparent that there was a long standing and major infestation in the building. I bagged everything and started the quarenteen process. I hoped in the shower and counted nearly 100 bite marks. The final number ended up around 200.

I spent the week being itchy and miserable hoping that the bites would go away on their own, and hoping that I did not bring any of them home. Over the last 2 day the bites have all swollen to the size of silver dollars or bigger and I'm getting phantom pains all over. Right now I'm sitting in the ER waiting to see what the he'll is going on.

2011-09-18 10:22:23 ET

Fuck bed bugs. I woulda burned that place down.

2011-09-18 11:31:49 ET

the option has been put forth. We are waiting for a reply.

Note: back from the hospital with cortizone creem of the gods. Hope it helps take care of this thing

2011-09-18 12:23:42 ET


Amazon has 10lbs of diactemous earth

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