The Strange World We Live In
2013-01-27 12:03:07 ET

So there is this little game that some of you might have heard of called World of Tanks. I have railed against it before and I feel the need to now. The game recently introduced Chinese tanks into the mix and to be honest most of the are rather power machines. I understand why, from a marketing stand point that the Russian developers are doing this. They want to get the 2 billion Chinese into buying their product. Fine that is all well and good. But the issue seems to be the same. Why make one team massively better then the other and then claim that the game is balanced between tanks.

The developers seem to be very eager to wrap themselves in a cloak of "We know what we are doing because our math tells us so," But the issue with their math is that they have gotten very good at getting statistical numbers from their server that serve their purpose. They have no ability to strictly identify those tanks that are significantly out performing other tanks in the same tier. And what ends up happening is that they either nerf the wrong tank or buff something that really does not do what they want it to do. The main reason I find myself railing at this point against the game and the developers of it is not because they do this. But because they are unwilling to accept any point that is counter to their belief structure. And even trying to do so gets you banned for short periods of time.

I myself have lost my EU account because I caught what turned out to be a developer using a cheat in his own game. When I called him on this he permanently banned my account. This is not only poor customer relations but is genuinely missing a golden opportunity to get free development time from people who genuinely want to help the game get better.

About 2 months after I got perma-banned from the EU server I got a strange message from the game developers. It was not an apology but an invite to test their latest game World of Warplanes. I guess this is a case of idle hands.

2013-01-27 12:05:15 ET

Have you tried out Mech Warrior Online or Hawkin?

2013-01-27 13:47:17 ET

What a prick.
MWO is pretty good.

2013-01-27 14:16:38 ET

The one thing I've heard a friend mention is how broken ECM is now and how certain things have to be bought individually.

2013-01-27 14:19:47 ET

It is in beta.

2013-01-27 14:22:12 ET

Doesn't change the fact that they fucked up hard and haven't listened to any of the players about it.

2013-01-27 15:16:12 ET

They did about LRMs

2013-01-27 15:17:51 ET

I never had a huge issue with them but I tend to fly small anyway in those games.

2013-01-28 15:38:35 ET

I have played MWO. Its really nice to play a mech warrior game again. But i find myself saying "its lacking the mech warriorness"

Also, am I the prick or the Russian devs?

2013-01-28 16:58:16 ET

Russian devs obviously.

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