2004-01-03 20:04:09 ET

Quote: "there's only one good girl for every good guy... I sometimes think mine was hit by a car as a small child or something though"

2004-01-03 20:58:01 ET

I was informed recently that I was evil. Does that mean I get more than one guy?

2004-01-03 21:14:44 ET

you're not evil.

2004-01-03 21:21:49 ET

That's what I said..

2004-01-04 02:42:06 ET

She might be a little evil ; )

2004-01-05 21:30:08 ET

only on tuesdays

2004-01-05 21:33:22 ET

That's tomorrow : )

2004-01-05 21:37:23 ET

And matt and traci just gave me a book on how to be a villian. Tomarrow is gonna be fun.

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