2006-02-15 17:15:47 ET

So I need to update this more...

(an attempt to catch up from my last post - in under 200 words)
So after my hiatus in Portland, I really liked Portland and if I could have stayed there I would have, but I'm glad I'm finishing up my degree at UCSC. I am currently taking Abstract Algebra, Math Theory, and Multivariable Calculus (for a third time). Classes are going well this quarter, I've gotten use to walking across campus a lot (it's about a mile wide, and very hilly) it's beautiful! After I got back to Tahoe, I started seeing this girl who went to school at LTCC, her name is Karen, she's a douchbag. We broke up due to philosophical differences (hardcore christian vs. agnostic) which I think was a good thing... it made me question my own belief system, and I think I grew a great deal from that event. Just recently I started seeing this new girl Ivy, she's great! She lives up in Tahoe now, although she's originally from SF. I hope to be done with school in another year, and figure out where I can go to grad school... I'd really like to accomplish my dream of getting my PhD. in mathematics. I got a job last summer working for this company that does background checks on people for financial institutions and the like, it pays really well, and I impressed the boss so much that she kept me on while I'm in school... so I get to work from my apartment, on a schedule that I decide, for $17 an hour... I really need to work more though :P

ok I think I have gone over my limit and will sign off for now...

2006-02-16 12:16:18 ET

Hurrah for school, job and learning things about yourself.
I am glad you've decided to rejoin my only link I have left with you. I miss all my friends from Tahoe... I don't miss Tahoe, just the people. Well just some of the people. *GRIN*

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