2006-08-21 08:49:43 ET

I believe there is a special place in hell for people like me, and thoes who talk during movies... it's very complicated... life's been pretty good otherwise :P been working out with my friend miguel, and taking some bike rides, road from gardner mountain to fallen leaf on the back trails by the high school (for thoes of you that know tahoe) it's fun, but quite a work out! works good but can't wait to get back to school!

2006-08-22 09:33:17 ET

*wimper* Fallen leaf lake. I have a river.. a muddy river.. but it's water.

2006-08-22 10:33:23 ET

I'm sure you'll visit tahoe again!

2006-08-22 12:58:48 ET

i am so going to that special place in hell with you. me and my best friend always talk during movies....and get yelled at!

2006-08-25 10:08:19 ET

oh yes, but that is not the reason I will be there...

2006-08-25 13:32:27 ET

why will you be there? huh?....

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