2006-09-05 13:10:23 ET

at work... bored... tired... kinda stressed since my loan fell through, but I'll be ok as long as i work 40 hours a week while in school... oh yeah did i mention i'm taking math proofs, classical geometry, and advanced number theory?

i hope my school reconsiders me for financial aid!

2006-09-06 03:34:11 ET

bummer. I hope you get through it. Maybe I should send you some cookies.

2006-09-06 09:26:00 ET

woohoo!!!! cookies!!!!!

2006-09-06 14:20:06 ET

you'll have to im me an address.

2006-09-07 11:08:13 ET

i have to get to my place in SC first... but then i definatly will! and you should visit sometime too!

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