2006-10-31 18:02:00 ET

Life is pretty crappy right now... bored, tired of school, been doing this for too long, just want to be up in tahoe, haning out with my friends, and living, seems like right now i'm not really living that much... just school and work... life down here is expensive... it's halloween, and i have a kick ass costume, but no ride, and no money so i'm kinda stuck, guess i'll just nerd out and work on homework... at least i'll still be productive that way.

anyone know how to show that given a set S={a[1],a[2],...,a[100]: where a[i] is a positive integer not divisable by 100, for 1<=i<=100} there exists a subset of S, say Q, where the sum of the elements of Q is divisable by 100? ... guess i'll look through my number theory book some more...

2006-11-01 07:58:58 ET

I feel your pain.



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