2006-11-12 17:15:17 ET

I have so much stuff to work on... homework due in two of my classes tommorow and more due wednsday... haven't started any of it... and still making up excuses not to start :P shit's hard too!

Let X be a non-empty finite set and f:X->X an arbitrary function. Prove that there exists a non-empty subset S of X such that f(S)=S...

I think I know where to start but this shit's crazy... and that's only one problem! I guess I should get started... just wanted to update and kill some time...

and life is expensive... damn you rent and food!

2006-11-12 23:09:30 ET

I feel your Pain....I got a midterm on Tue, I drove to the college today to study, I took out all my notes, I wrote an email, I went home. Total time: 4 hours


I need to get out of school....

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