2006-12-13 13:53:08 ET

Advanced Number Thoery: B
Classical Geometry: B-
Math Problem Solving: B

Passing all your classes even though you're a huge slacker: Priceless...

I didn't even have to take the final in my math problem solving class... stayed up for 26 hours working on the portfolio due in that class, there was no way I could take the final, luckly we could choose to do one of the putnam problems instead of the final. and the solutions to the putnam were posted online... I understood how the proof worked, but damn it was a crazy idea to complete the square on a polynomial of a funtion with function coefficents... if that makes sense...

two more quarters to go!

2006-12-13 14:41:04 ET


Good work!

So far I have two A+s, and am awaiting my third mark, which won't be an A+.

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