2003-05-06 19:44:28 ET

Je ne comprend pas la vie ou les filles. Life is confusing, and females just complicate the matter even worse. I've asked two girls out on dates, both said yes, I've gone out with one, but I really like the other one as well but I haven't been able to get a hold of her, I am beginning to believe that she doesn't live at home because I always get her answering machine. Both are very attractive, funny, cool, nice, and I would like to get to know both of them better. Plus there is the fact that I am moving this summer to continue my education. I should have never asked either out, it is only making my life's equation more complicated.

2003-05-06 19:51:51 ET

I hear ya.

I usually get stuck in a situation such as this: I find someone i really like and i remain a great friend for a year or so. Then right about the time i've finally screwed up my courage enough to ask them, i find out that they were just taken by my other friends. Hows that for complicated?

2003-05-06 19:56:20 ET

I've had that happen too.

2003-05-06 19:57:42 ET

Get with Janna, have a good time and then break things off when you move. You are so young, you have plenty of time. Live life like there is no tomorrow. She's cool and all, but think of PSU.

YOU: incredibly smart math student, uber tutor.
HER: Finishing her doctorate, will use your ass for scratch paper.

What more do you want?

2003-05-06 19:58:52 ET


2003-05-06 19:59:11 ET

She's a flake

2003-05-06 20:01:47 ET

You have to admit she's a wonderfully nice girl and beautiful as well.

2003-05-06 20:21:15 ET

I don't care how nice a girl is, or how beautiful she it. If she won't return a phone call she's not worth it.

Joanna asked you out, she's interested in you, get her.

You asked Jocelyn out she knows you have called, she hasn't called you back. Forget her, she may have said yes at the time, but her actions have said otherwise.
She's pretty and she knows it, but that doesn't give her a license to be a stuck up bitch.

As far as LTCC girls go Jocelyn is in my top 10 of all time flakes

2003-05-06 20:24:51 ET

Actually I asked her out

2003-05-06 20:26:43 ET

After she threw herself at you.

2003-05-06 20:29:22 ET

I still don't understand life or girls.

2003-05-06 20:30:21 ET

No one does.

No one ever does.

2003-05-06 22:12:07 ET

Everything sounds better in French, though.

Je ne comprend pas les fils, alors, ce n'est pas facile pour moi aussi. . .

I always go for the one I can never get ahold of.

2003-05-06 22:15:24 ET

ah, c'est la vie.

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