2003-05-06 22:00:18 ET

I love math.
I love this calculator.

2003-05-07 08:05:32 ET

arrr My school's blocking program won't let me go to it. What's so orgasmic about this calculator eh?

2003-05-07 08:26:59 ET

the numbers make funny noises, in a sexual way.

2003-05-07 08:30:42 ET

oh. kinda like the kraftwerk website where you can type in numbers and it makes sounds?

2003-05-07 08:42:39 ET


2003-05-07 19:04:16 ET

Not sexual, but it owns my soul!

2003-05-07 19:57:34 ET

wow that can do extreamly complicted intergrals. even int(e^(x^2),x);

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