2003-05-12 21:47:46 ET

I got home from SF yesterday and I was too tired to post. It was a nice trip I got some cool stuff, and we celebrated my Dad and Aunt's Birthdays. Here are some Pictures.

I also found a really cool towel.

and got a cool new sweater.

I took an astronomy test today, there were a few questions I didn't know and one essay that I didn't want to write on because it required thought, but I answered the questions as best as possable and wrote some stuff down for the essay so I should get a decent grade.

Math has been boring lately, it's just been a lot of plug into formulas and write down your answer. I think I am also just tired of school right now and need to take a break, this summer will be nice.

2003-05-12 22:09:09 ET

That towel is DAMN cool.

2003-05-12 23:04:08 ET

Very Nice, I stole one of the pics. I'll have to do something cool with it : )

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