2003-05-14 23:39:02 ET

I was driving to fast after the matrix, a cop saw me, and I now have my first speeding ticket.


The Matrix was the best movies Iíve seen sofar this year. (MatrixIII comes out in november ;))

2003-05-14 23:41:18 ET

I love Matrix too!
Next week i'm going to see Reloaded :)

2003-05-14 23:46:31 ET

Stay after the credits for a short preview of the next one.

2003-05-15 01:25:23 ET

i live in holland, mostly they stop the movie when the credits are half done

2003-05-15 01:27:08 ET

that's very sad, lots of cool things sometimes happen at the end of movies

2003-05-15 01:36:17 ET

haha. speedy matrix!

2003-05-15 04:57:09 ET

holland sucks :)

2003-05-15 20:04:07 ET

I got my first speeding ticket a few weeks ago and now I have a court date. It was that or pay $153 and get 4 on *or is it taken off?* my licence. Boo to renegade cops...er...whatever...

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