2003-05-18 16:02:15 ET


I went and spent the rest of my birthday gift certificate for staples on a wireless Logitech optical mouse. It’s very cool. no more wires.

2003-05-18 16:17:28 ET

very nice.

and guess who has a boyfriend?

Shot down again.

2003-05-18 17:25:28 ET

ouch, j'ai désolé, c'est la vie, merde et merde encore.

2003-05-18 18:25:25 ET

La convencí de ir a strange brew el jueves.

2003-05-18 19:02:19 ET

haha when it's translated it says you convinced it to go not her? did you mean to say it?

2003-05-18 19:02:55 ET

your translator is broken.

2003-05-18 19:03:17 ET


2003-05-18 19:04:01 ET

Well, either your translator is broken or my mom is.

2003-05-18 19:04:32 ET

hehe, I don't think your mom is.

2003-05-18 19:05:56 ET

She is a spanish teacher.

2003-05-19 15:10:58 ET

2003-05-19 15:11:23 ET

shot down again? well, don't worry girls blow anyways..

2003-05-19 17:31:47 ET

what girls blow? where do they live?

2003-05-20 05:56:21 ET

i blow, and i live in easton

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