2003-06-05 16:17:17 ET

Woke up some time around 9am...went to school where i goofed off for about an hour then took a midterm...blew off work and went to the beach :D YAY!!!!!!!!....going to strange brew and going to listen to my friend Andy DJ...hopefully going to denny's after to celebrate something (any reason is a good reason to celebrate)...that is all-

2003-06-05 17:36:19 ET


2003-06-06 01:35:28 ET

yes the night/morning has ended well.

it's 3:40 AM

2003-06-06 15:54:43 ET

How was your root canal?

2003-06-06 16:04:33 ET

no root canal, just looking at my teath for orthadontal stuff... since i have that open bite and stuff.

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