2003-06-08 13:30:53 ET

My computer started acting all slow, then it gave me this nice blue screen with a stop error on it. told me to reboot. durring the reboot the computer stopped and said something was corrupt and that I should use the repair disk... you know it is a very handy disk to have lying around... everything seems ok now, i'm not sure about that though, i need to figure out why it crashed... hrm, anyway... the ERD is a very nice piece of software to have...

2003-06-08 13:32:19 ET

That reminds me I should make one of those.

2003-06-08 13:40:26 ET


2003-06-08 14:02:35 ET

My computer is always messing up. And that stupid blue screen always pops up on mine. haha

2003-06-08 14:28:55 ET

yes it's a very crappy part of microsoft's windows os.

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