2003-07-02 15:08:45 ET

today has been boring, I've been trying to clean my room a little and relax some, but there's nothing to do. i'm board. it seems all of my friends have left me :( andy's in portland, joe's in berkeley, aurelio is down in so cal somewhere. and as for the rest of the group i don't know where they are.

oh well, aurelio will be back soon, and i'm going to party with joe and erika for the 4th (illegal fireworks anyone?) so i guess for the next few days i'm on my own.

2003-07-02 15:34:31 ET

i know that bored/ everyone left feeling. no fun!
have fun on the 4th!

2003-07-02 17:10:01 ET

thank you, you have fun too :)

2003-07-02 20:04:05 ET

YOu should see the fire work stand here. House hunting tomorrow : )

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