2003-07-05 22:36:13 ET

so today was a crappy day. it started off ok. i woke up, i relaxed at home a little, then i decided to go visit my grandparents because the missed me on the 4th (we would always celebrate at their house). so i went and visited, we talked about lots of cool stuff, their past, what not. i stayed for dinner, that was good, then as i am leaving, i go to turn onto the main highway and boom another car. no one was hurt, it was a very minor accident, my car had almost no damage, just a little scuffing on the passenger front bumper, nothing i can't just rub out. anyway we exchange info and they leave, some stupid tourist family, their kid was driving, he doesn't even have his full license. here's how it went down in my view. i was going to turn, there were two cars one in the fast lane one in the slow lane, the one in the fast lane passed so i went to turn into the fast lane and the car in the slow lane went to turn into the fast lane and we hit each other, oh well. i will call the insurance company monday and see what i should do. i'm not going to be filing any damage claim since there is no damage to my car, but i want to figure out what's going to happen and if the insurance is going to go up and what not. well i guess there isn't much more i can do about it now.

2003-07-10 18:57:54 ET

best bet may be to call the people if you got their info and ask them to clear things up money-wise. if it's minor damage and you make a claim, you're insurance rates are gonna go up and it may not be worth it in the long run. it happened to my friend and she got the chick that ran into her car to pay for the damage so her insurance rates wouldnt increase.

2003-07-10 19:13:41 ET

yeah but i didn't get their phone number :(

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