2007-02-02 14:42:59 ET

I noticed today, perhaps for the first time, that one of the children's books we carry had a blurb on its cover advertising "14 stories! 8 rhymes!" What exactly do they mean by "rhyme?" I doubt they just have 8 rhyming couplets in there. Maybe it's some sort of poem. Then why not just say "8 poems?" Possibly they thought the word was a little too lofty for what they were doing. So, what then, some sort of nursery rhyme kinda thing? I guess nursery rhymes tend to be traditional and usually based on 17-century political humor. It would be awfully presumptuous to just right something down and call it a nursery rhyme. So they're left with no better word for it than just "rhyme?" What about "doggerel?" We have these great words; why not use them? "Hey kids! Now with doggerel!"

Oh, and happy Groundhog Candlemas.

2007-02-02 15:39:57 ET

Poems don't have to rhyme.

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