2007-03-20 16:09:31 ET

I often kvetch about school and work and stuff, but I usually hold the worst of it back, as I try not to make a habit of sincerely complaining (rather than for comedic effect) especially when some of it is my fault. That said, I've been under a hell of a lot of pressure lately, between school, work, and the show. I thought about quitting school or my job several times (never the show, as I know where my priorities lie). So today I received a grade on a paper I turned in last week as part of the preparation for the Big Paper due at the end of next month. I should preface this by saying it was a literal last minute entry that failed to accomplish almost everything required of it. It was a paper I was genuinely ashamed to submit, and wouldn't have if the alternative had been anything other than taking the goose egg. I've since put in some actual research, formulated a thesis, and still have all of spring break before I need to turn in an OUTLINE. So what was my grade on this abysmal paper? A B-. I am now of the opinion that I could just turn in shit and get a reasonably good grade, and by that I don't mean a subpar paper, I mean an actual bowel movement. I figure its got to be a solid D at worst.

Also my teacher is hot. I think everything is going to be okay.

2007-03-21 03:49:51 ET

Does she have a little pepper next to her name on rate my prof? :)

2007-03-23 14:51:18 ET

Strangely enough, she does not. I guess CSUF guys have no sense of taste.

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