2007-04-24 19:02:29 ET

So I come home from work today with an explosive headache, like I must have a malevolent toad or small dwarf living inside my head and kicking at the walls. I decide to sleep it off, which is no mean feat, considering sleep requires a degree of relaxation that my head was reluctant to accommodate. Then the dreams started . . .

It's not fare to call them nightmares, even though they were weird and disturbing. No one in the dreams was harmed or even especially frightened; just seriously inconvenienced. It was another show dream, of the type where I find myself about to go out on stage but I'm grossly unprepared. Except in this one I had family in the audience who flew in from out of state. Also I was apparently playing a drag queen in a chicken suit. And all the lights were off backstage.

Bad times.

2007-04-24 23:47:42 ET

remember Erin? when you played a drag queen giving a dinner party?

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