2007-08-05 21:34:26 ET

Even if you love crappy movies as much as I do, at all costs avoid "Heartbeeps." I can't stress this enough.

2007-08-05 22:09:06 ET


2007-08-05 22:48:44 ET

It's a movie from the early 80's with Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters as two robots in love. I made it exactly 13 minutes before giving up in disgust.

2007-08-05 22:54:20 ET

wow, that bad huh>?

2007-08-05 23:00:30 ET

Oh yeah. It had a great cast too, and I'll tolerate some pretty awful stuff if it's at least unusual, but there was no fun to be had here. I just had this soul-crushing realization that, after what seemed like an eternity of watching, I still had a good hour and fifteen minutes to go, at which point I tapped out.

2007-08-05 23:06:45 ET

robot loving is teh sex though

2007-08-06 00:30:39 ET

I love that movie lol.

2007-08-06 11:06:33 ET

You, sir, are a stronger man than I.

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