Wouldn't it be nice...
2009-05-07 20:39:41 ET

If the average customer actually READ signs in a store? and didn't have to ask you stupid questions, and didn't drop things and make a mess? Actually picked up after themselves, and acted like they had an IQ at least over 70?

I swear, Seattle has to have some of the dumbest smart people on the planet.

2009-05-08 14:24:52 ET

ahhh that drives me crazy too. fuck retail, now and forever.

2009-05-08 15:11:03 ET

Very true. Its amazing though, especially here, since Seattle is the most literate, and highly educated city in the country, with over 50% of the citie's population having at least a Bachelor's degree; They still act retarded, and ask stupid questions, when the answer to their question is in front of them (and sometimes quite literally in front of them, emblazoned on signs throughout the store, for all the world to read.)

2009-05-09 00:32:51 ET

Get over it.
They thought they acted illiterate and otherly abled were well-intended to "gave you something to do" in case you was too bored at work.
And that's where the customers-are-always-right drivel came from.

So, pardon them......you cannot angry at imbeciles.

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