I am now 30..
2010-07-31 16:24:33 ET

I am now 30.. I turned 30 yesterday, and I am going out to celebrate tonight. Should be fun. :)

2010-07-31 16:26:39 ET

Don't forget your walker on your way out! Put some tennis balls on 'em, they won't scuff up the floor.

Have fun! Happy Birthday :)

2010-07-31 17:08:41 ET



*runs away*

2010-07-31 17:26:01 ET

Happeh Birfday!

2010-07-31 17:59:02 ET

j00ley: Way ahead of yah!! Got the grip tape on it and everything!!
Rassedr: *points* Rotten Kids!!!
Drake: And Howz!!

2010-07-31 19:13:11 ET

happy untrustable womb liberation

2010-08-01 04:48:54 ET

Actually, I became untrustable back in December.

And damn tootin' am I ever proud of it!
(by jiminy)

2010-08-01 07:16:01 ET

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! :-D

2010-08-01 15:29:45 ET

happy birthday!

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