Updated my website.
2010-12-14 19:36:10 ET

Updated my Ice Moon Graphics website. The site needed it. It also needs a redesign. I will try and get that done sometime soon. Thinking of going back to the side menu, more graphical layout, and doing away with alot of the older stuff on it.

2010-12-15 12:21:10 ET

I was about to write, "The site needs content" until I re-read your entry, looked at the site again and realized that there are sections to the website. The similarity of the section titles to the logo threw me off.

On a more constructive note, the pages with examples of your work are loooooooong and could be better laid out. When you get to designing a new version, consider showing more of your work at-a-glance (e.g. thumbnails).

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