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  Paul Connolly    Erskine, Scotland
Right, where to begin...

Many of you may know me as Galack from other online websites/games, others simply know me in person as Paul. My true name is unpronouncable by gerbils.

I'm currently a student as well as a part time slave to the retail industry. I've spent around 5 minutes trying to decide what to type in this sentance, so I think I'll just go with this.

More later, must update the rest of this page now!

 I'm back - Beware, entire year update inside!    2008-08-15 00:41:10 ET
Well, it's been a long time since I last posted here, where to begin?

Last time I was here I believe it was just after my college exams. I was nervously awaiting my results to see if I had gained entry to university. To my amazing surprise I had passed just enough to be allowed into the Physics course at The University of the West Coast of Scotland (who the hell came up with that long ass name?).

By this time however, I was growing very tired of the same area of education. I had spent so long pushing myself through the areas of Maths and Physics that it had became very dull to me. I only spent a few months in that course before I decided to drop out.

I got a job working in a department store (British Home Stores) over christmas and have been working there ever since. Over the christmas period I had been working in the "Giftshop" (our christmas present section) however by mid-january that section was removed and I was transfered to the Customer Service Desk. This role gives me a lot of interaction with customers and has really helped to boost my confidence with speaking to people face to face.

The extra confidence and communication skills I have gained have really helped me to decide what I want to do in my life. I've really become interested in studying languages, and getting into interpreting / translation work. I applied back to college not long ago and on the 1st of september I'll be starting my study of French and Spanish, which I will continue on next year, then probably add a third language too before taking that on to university level.

I can't wait to get started. I'm very excited but completely terrified of doing badly. For now, all I can do is get prepared and hope for the best.

Well, before this becomes an essay, I had better sign out. But first I'll make a mental note to actually update this page every few weeks, rather than every few years.

Goodbye for now folks.