2005-09-19 21:42:33 ET
Nothing much happened today....In school some chicks was calling me cute and pinching my cheeks *face*...Thats weird cause i'm usually poked fun of cause i'm being myself but to actually get attention is different. I really dont think i'm cute either so thats really weird also cause i'm being pinched and stared at for a while.

My ugly ass is taken so please no pinches on the cheeks (that means both kinds) But you can poke me .....*It Tickles* hehehe

     2005-09-18 19:03:04 ET
Captains log star date who the hell knows.....But not much happened to me today i traded my n-gage game elder scrolls shadow key cause that shit sucked its like a bad first person view of the ps1 game nightmare creatures *its an old rpg game* but wit bad graphics. I met this dude in EB games where he was going to sell his pc game magic the gathering battlegrounds we was talkin and we traded. It wasnt much of a trade cause my game is more expensive than his but i rather have a game thats worth playing instead of collecting dust. Next game to get for the pc is D&D hehehehehe....oh yeah "

Quagmire.. Never gives up with the ladies
Can you get enough sex?? Aside from being immune to mace you have many other skills. You can fly a plane... And have sex with anyone... anywhere. Except for Lois

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