2005-09-06 17:07:05 ET

Hey everyone I realy dont write much in journals but since i draw alot thats probably what i would have on here. I'm currently working on a web page with a bunch of my art *isnt that conceded* like comics that im doing and short stories poem's shit like that. The problem that im having is setting up the web page its fustaighting. The comic that im working on now is called Binge City........Yes....Yes its kinda like Sin City but more of a twist.....Its Kinda funny if your morbid like moi.......LOL

2005-09-06 17:14:33 ET

welcome to sk

*touches you*

2005-09-06 17:19:08 ET

ooo! everybody poke the new chick!


2005-09-06 17:20:19 ET

btw I run a indy comic company so if you ever wanna work on something together drop me a line. We need new writers and such.

2005-09-06 17:29:28 ET

*waves at you*

Gage has +10 to sexy facial hair. Don't ever play D&D with 'im.

2005-09-06 17:46:38 ET


*poke* :D

2005-09-06 18:03:23 ET

Hail Citizen.

2005-09-07 12:04:42 ET

Welcome to SK!

2005-09-07 18:06:20 ET

hey! we match glasses, rock on! \\// <--- my attempt at the vulcan sign thingie.. heh

2005-09-08 04:02:26 ET

Welcome to SK

2005-09-08 09:56:49 ET


2005-09-08 17:18:35 ET

nice profile you totally rock...and your so cute

2005-09-08 17:21:25 ET

Hello to every1 and thanks for the compliments especially u brightlightfailure. That vulcan neck pinch is a good attempt Microcosm.......And all the pokes tickle you dont have to stop them.....*hehehehehehe*

2005-09-08 19:03:57 ET

lol, Binge City...full of eating disorder people, I assume?

Welcome :-)

2005-09-08 19:27:19 ET


2005-09-10 00:04:42 ET

Welcome to SK!

Get in the van. >:O

2005-10-11 16:37:49 ET

man, how'd I miss this. Welcome.

*Pulls up in a black and red A-team style van while blaring Metallica's master of puppets*

2005-10-11 17:06:08 ET


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