2005-09-09 08:55:35 ET

So far I have done a demo cover page and a page of Binge City I tried to put it on here but it to large........*pout* i will see what i can do......Well the rest of the day sucked, I did speak to my wife every now and then, But i just hate being alone not having anything to do. I guess thats the cost of being a loser. *sigh pout scratch*

2005-09-09 21:24:15 ET

link it from photobucket or imageshack.

2005-09-10 12:09:31 ET

welcome to sk. . . i know i'm late haha

2005-09-10 16:17:25 ET

Thanks Roentgen i will try that......PlushPolly thanks also its better late than never

2005-09-10 19:12:17 ET

that would be correct : )

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