2005-09-15 21:22:52 ET

Today happens to be one of the best days i had since my wife left for college.....My professor passed me out her class cause im too good of a writer to be in there so now im taking classes to fit my skills (i guess)but who cares im so fuckin happy.......YAY *BACKFLIP into a manhole....but still happy*

2005-09-16 07:58:51 ET

You're pretty lucky. . . I always butt heads with my english professors. They're just jealous of my skills thats all :-P glad everything is goin well

2005-09-16 21:45:33 ET

Thanx.....Alot of my professors are jealous people and odd i think my comp prof. gets off on electronics...She got extreamly excited talking bout laptops.

2005-09-17 11:53:47 ET

eek that's pretty scary

2005-09-17 18:52:11 ET

Lmao yeah it is whats even worst she slightly moaned while talkin bout programs

2005-09-18 14:28:56 ET

she didnt! ha i don't think i coulda contained myself i woulda died lol

2005-09-18 18:52:54 ET

It was crazy i had to leave the class for a while

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