2005-09-29 18:03:09 ET

Ok OK this is weird but i was on the bus today and a group of people was talking bout sex loudly. Thats not weird but the weird part is that they was talking bout a "Filthy Sanchez". Now i have heard that saying before but I never knew WTF it was or is. I feel so inexperienced....IF anyone knows what it is exactly let me know it will kill my curiosity

2005-09-29 18:08:11 ET

urban dictionary is a good reference for this kind of stuff. I've more commonly heard of it as a dirty sanchez.

2005-09-29 18:14:59 ET

Ok cool

2005-09-29 18:15:23 ET

as far as I know... its wiping poop on a persons upper lip with the males private appendage.. lol

2005-09-29 18:18:56 ET

lol thats sick

2005-09-29 18:20:49 ET

ew i regret reading the response to that my eyes are burning now lol

2005-09-29 18:21:16 ET


2005-09-29 18:21:55 ET


2005-09-29 18:24:02 ET

aww do ur eyes still burn

2005-09-29 18:24:15 ET

sorry, i had a younger friend of mine ask me all the dirty little things when she wanted to have sex with her bf.. so I asked adam all that stuff... lol

2005-09-29 18:25:28 ET

i think i'm ok now *wipes tear*

2005-09-29 18:27:11 ET

how much dirty stuff do u know?.......Good as long as ur ok Vamp

2005-09-29 18:27:43 ET

thank you for making sure *bows* =)

2005-09-29 18:28:03 ET


2005-09-29 18:29:42 ET

umm, i remember her asking me about "red badge of courage" and "red wings of courage".. that was amusing..

2005-09-29 18:29:48 ET

Thanx gage......That is some nasty shit. who would allow some1 to do that to them.

2005-09-29 18:30:22 ET

wow there is alot of things i dont know about

2005-09-30 10:42:02 ET

that reminds me of the seinfeld episode with the pigman. . . I think I shall quote haha

GEORGE: I tell you something. I wish there were pig-men. You get a few of these pig-men walking around suddenly I'm looking a whole lot better. Then if somebody wants to fix me up at least they could say, "Hey he's no pig-man!"

JERRY: Believe me, there'd be plenty of women going for these pig-men. Whatever the deformity is there's always some group of perverts that's attracted to it. "Oo that little tail really turns me on."

Final summation: people are crazy and seinfeld kicks ass : )

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