2Good 2B TRU
2005-10-01 17:38:20 ET

My day started off early like at 9am. I had discovered that there is a hot topic on queens so i went to go and check it out. On the bus a couple of people was talkin bout this place where there is a bunch of games at i asked them where it was and they told me so went. I spent most of that time just chilling not really playing games. I got caught up in a guy playing DDR. He was perfect at it, his friends or w/e was talkin to me and telling me to go and play. I didnt cause i cant dance i have no rythem. When i left i went to go to the train station to go to hot topic. On my way there i was robed by 3 guys for my i pod and 20 bucks. The guys punched me in the face and pulled a blade out on me. So now im angry as fuck not cause of the money or the ipod its cause i felt like i could have done something i dont know what but ugh. My day started off perfect but it ended with no money,no music and a hurt face.

2005-10-01 17:39:57 ET

that completely suck ass. Hope you feel better

2005-10-01 22:03:30 ET

*high five for black people that cant dance* hehe anyways sorry about bein robbed . . . theres nothin you could have done without risk of being injured/killed so dont feel too bad

2005-10-02 12:16:19 ET

*high five back at ya* lol im feeling a little better its just my prid thats hurt more than anything, thats true there wasnt anything i could have done. I'm just glad that i have insurance on my ipod.

2005-10-02 13:34:55 ET

if its one of the little mac ones that come in a green box i have a brand new one. . . i dont have a mac so I cant use it lol It fell off the back of a truck : X

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