2005-10-05 16:46:42 ET

I dont even know why I bother with people to begin with. I dont like change I fucking hate change, but i do it. I get asked alot to change things about me cause people feel embarrissed by the way i am. When i do change they want more things to change, and they are never happy. Cause there is always more they dont say it but you know it. The weird thing about it all is that i dont want them to change at all. So i'm kind of stuck on what to do.

2005-10-05 17:02:54 ET

why do people have to be embarrassed over hat you do?

2005-10-05 17:16:06 ET

i dont know i wear a bunch of metallica shirts my hair is diff colors and im a skater and it shows.

2005-10-05 17:18:11 ET

I express political and social views so people around can hear my opinion

2005-10-06 16:57:04 ET

I express my opinions clearly but that doesnt pass a person who has total ignorance that cant look beyond the clothes

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