2005-10-15 22:21:54 ET

I went to a arcade in times square and it wasnt to bad. The only problem is that i blew 30 bucks on fuckin pinball. I actually found an addiction i cant get enough of pinball. I spent some time watching people play DDR i look at it so much when i close my eye i see the arrow's *ugh*. I had fun tho i played lazer tag and i kept being snipered by a dude from europe who's code name is a liquor. The problem of the day/nite was that every1 there was paired off like it was fuckin noah's ark or some shit and i felt uncomfortable cause i was alone, I left early cause i couldnt take the mushy shit when im alone. But the south park pinball rocked.

2005-10-16 04:17:50 ET

This post made me think about Pinball Wizard by the Who.

2005-10-16 11:21:29 ET

Lol Sweet

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