2005-10-18 18:54:50 ET

Tommorrow im leaving for SC to visit my lovely wife yay cant wait. Sadly im taking the bus there thats going to be hell. I should be fine as long as i get a window seat.

2005-10-18 19:02:15 ET

I love window seats Sometimes I get motion sickness though *gag* Lol But there good :D Hope you have fun and be safe :D

2005-10-19 02:44:27 ET

you meet the most interesting people on bus rides

2005-10-26 17:50:17 ET

I have gotten motion sick on the bus while looking out the window but it wasnt too bad..I met this little girl she was 2 her name was Jream cute lil thing and she helped me put together my bionicle lego thing while we waited for the bus in Richmond V.A so she was the only interesting person on the bus.

2005-10-26 17:53:56 ET

Awww thats so sweet =)

2005-10-26 18:38:38 ET

Yeah it is :-D

2005-10-26 19:05:50 ET


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