2005-11-14 17:01:24 ET

Well not much is going on. I'm getting ready to go to south carolina *yay the bus* Krys and I gotten back together *yay backflips* and i have a new tattoo. Not sure wtf it is but its a fairytale rodent in a way. The theme is fairytale and it looks something like peter rabbit suck in alince in wonderland.

2005-11-14 17:14:10 ET

hurray for getting back together! That looks very cool but painful lol I'm scared to get a tattoo

2005-11-14 17:38:04 ET

YAY....It is painful very painful but the way it looks make it addicting just have some1 there to hold ur hand and squeeze. i was alone for this 1. that was no fun

2005-11-14 18:14:35 ET

I heard that they're addictive. . . one day gabe and I are getting tattoo rings rather than traditional wedding bands. . . it's all a matter of when I get the nerve up to do it lol I also really want to get an intricate cross on my right calf one day. . . one day lol

2005-11-15 10:44:46 ET

lol you will get the nerve one day now the rings are very cool im going to get one soon its so addictive the pain is temp you will go numb after awhile. Just close your eyes and have ur hubby hold ur hands tight. my girl and i are going to get tatoo's of things that represent each other instead of the names.

2005-11-15 11:44:09 ET

i know it'll happen one day just a matter of when. . . he's goin first lol honestly I'd rather have just a regular ring and get symbolic tattoo's somewhere else but he's all like "well get the tattoo and you can put a ring over it" lol then what the hells the point??? He's a goof haha

2005-11-16 17:37:32 ET

lmao sounds like something i would say

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