Skeletons Can Come Out The Closet!!!!!!
2005-11-30 17:21:34 ET

I'm an hour late for class and im just getting out of the trainstation trying to emerge from the valtures strap hangers thats trying to get into the train as I am getting out. As im making my way to the next level of the 125th station, I notice a familiar face but i kept walking like i never noticed him. In the midst of the crowd i get snatched up by the familiar face. He asked me where have i been? How is everything going? I try and leave but there is to many people to even budge. This familiar face is an ex that i never want to come into contact again. He is as phsycotic as they come. Our relationship was a violent one and not happy. He looks into my eyes and asks for a hug I try and move again his grasp got tighter. I was forced to give a hug, He looks at my gay pride necklace and asks if i like men i told him no. My necklace was ripped off my neck, He then asked for a kiss i managed to then find an opening in the crowd and slip away and i have gotten to class safely. This really wasnt my day, but it was crowded and i was late for class. I just felt like writing a story.

2005-11-30 18:54:18 ET

*gasp* I'm glad this is not how your day went, there for a minute I thought it was. Good story though. :)

2005-11-30 20:35:39 ET

Thanx...I dont know what i would have done if thats how my day went

2005-11-30 20:57:22 ET

Your welcome and at least your character didn't get hurt, thats good

2005-12-01 11:44:20 ET

Well my character did get hurt just not physicaly

2005-12-01 11:53:40 ET

Yeah I didn't think of that

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