2005-12-17 11:18:07 ET

well i hvae been dumped and it doesnt feel good. I'm lonely and she says that we can still be friends but i dont think thats true. I really want her in my life as my g/f. I dont know what to do. Its hard to move on when u really love someone that has really been there for. I know that since she doesnt want me no1 wants me. I cry ever nite knowing that i probably could have stoped this from happening. Its all my fault she isnt with me and that she doesnt love me any more. She was perfect i wouldnt have changed a thing. Now cause of me im crying myself to sleep wishing she would come back to me.

2005-12-25 01:33:52 ET

Breakups suck -period. Sorry that happened.

2005-12-29 14:37:17 ET

yeah they do.

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