Screwd up holiday
2005-12-24 20:39:24 ET

Well now at this moment im at my aunts house who i might say i really dont like worth shit. Recently i just came out to her and she loves to gay bash.If i would have known that i would have stayed home in the bronx while my mom had her surgery in brooklyn. She had her kidney stones blasted so that she is able to pass them. They had to go through her peehole and into her badder. *WOW*. So she is pain like no other at my grandmothers house. On the good side i gotten my Nintendo DS and im quite happy with it. It came with the game called nintendogs its cool its like taking care of an actual dog. Happy X-Mas to all and to all a good day and nite.

2005-12-24 21:58:53 ET

Did you used to have a different account name on here? You remind me A LOT of a friend I had on here who deleted her account a long while ago.

Much respect,

2005-12-25 10:41:02 ET

I bought a DS a long time ago and it came w/a demo game called Metroid Prime. Really don't like that game so I bought another game for the DS. But I love the DS. What color is yours? Back when I bought mine they only had silver. Grr.

2005-12-29 14:44:30 ET

mines is a teal color. It came with nintendogs. aww the silver one is still cool nothing beats the original. No i never had a different account name but its good to know that i can remind someone of a cool person.

2005-12-29 20:02:39 ET

i mostly just play my gba sp games in my ds even though i have a gba sp lol but i just like the ds a lot better bc of the color its much brighter or maybe its just bc i've had my gba sp for a while (not that long..but still)

2005-12-31 21:39:28 ET

lol yeah thats what i do also i have more gba games than anything mainly pokemon *dorky* it does look better and feels better

2005-12-31 22:54:05 ET

i have mostly castlevania and crash bandicoot games for gba i have others like zelda, final fantasy, etc but i just don't get into those castlevania is my fave ever!
the only game i have for my ds is the metroid prime demo it came w/and the super mario 64 ds game (i think thats what its called) that i bought for it its kinda ok i mostly just play the mini games on it instead of the actual game maybe once i get a job i'll buy up some more ds games and see how they are ;) i was thinking of getting nintendogs but wasn't sure how it'd be
ok enough blabbering i'm sleepy..goodnight and happy new year!

2005-12-31 22:55:16 ET

oh and PS i am for sure getting Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (for DS) when i get the chance oh YES

2006-01-01 15:10:08 ET

Happy New Year!! I want caslvania for the ds so bad. It looks so mind numbingly tasty lol. Nintendogs is good if u like dogs and taking care of them u should get it. It takes paitence I like it. I wanted to throw my ds a few time trying to tell the dog sit lol. I love FF I think they should make it for the ds I would b so happy

2006-01-01 16:16:50 ET

yeah i can't wait to get it. castlevania: symphony of the night is my fave castlevania game. its on ps1 though. i beat it and i've almost beat castlevania: circle of the moon (gotta be already knew that though i think lol) and yeah i like those type of games (taking care of animals) remember gigapets? those little keychain type things. hehe

2006-01-01 16:17:38 ET

i'm not good at FF though

2006-01-01 18:43:08 ET

Its not too hard I wasn't good with it at first but now I'm kinda good I die more than anything

2006-01-01 22:22:41 ET

well i've only played the tactics thing (w/e its called) on gba so i don't know how the other ones are but if they are anything like that then i'd probably suck at it the little characters are cute though i like the one that looks like a bunny mmhmm =D

2006-01-03 13:48:39 ET

the other ones are completely different and cuter characters mmmhmmm. It just takes a long while to get i the zone.

2006-01-03 16:52:16 ET


btw i added you on AIM it says your mobile though :)

2006-01-04 19:39:29 ET

OH i had it on my old phone and never changed it. I forget. I'm usually on at nite

2006-01-04 20:02:30 ET

me to at night. do you have my screen name? if not i'll PM it to you. i don't like to post it publically.

i'll go ahead and PM it to you. but i'm not logged in right now, i'm just checkin SK then goin to bed. :)

2006-01-04 20:36:49 ET

oh ok cool i have ur screen name so hope to talk to u

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