Southerner / Northerner
2006-01-27 11:02:54 ET

Well i am in ahoskie n.c right now and guess what IT SUCKS. There is nothing out here but coton fields fuckin cotton fields to give you a visual of were i am if you have ever seen the movie high tension (a french film its pretty great) and where the two main characters get to a house thats like on the edge of a corn field and its like the only one there. umm thats like where i am. For those of you who havent seen it think jeepers creepers. I went from loud obnoxious (<---how ever u spell it)filthy new york city to cotton pleasantvile kinda shit ahosie north carolina. I need help im here for school but if there aint shit to do here ima explode and i dont know how to drive yet cause my grandma is lazy and old.

2006-01-27 12:31:54 ET

i totally know how you feel. . . i went from jersey (15 mins from the city) to walkertown nc, the boonies. Once you get past the culture shock its not that bad. A simpler life with simpler people. I miss the north but there are good and bad parts to everything.

2006-01-27 12:46:38 ET

I hope i can adjustto it soon cause im so home sick i just wanna go back home. How did you adjust to it?

2006-01-27 14:04:27 ET

well luckily i had gabe to help me through. . . sort of motivation to stay. But generally I tried to focus on the things that are better here than they are there. Less crime, friendlier people, and space! Space I think is what I love most about it here. Feels like I can walk around without 20 strangers touching me ya know? It's all a state of mind. . . For whatever reason you're here and you can either try to make the best of it or make yourself miserable. And what are you really missing anyway? Can't be the people, can't be the place, familiarity is the only thing I can think of and that will come in time. I know how it feels to want to go home but home is where the heart is. If your heart is truly in NY then go back ya know? But beig here is like a fresh start, a chance at a new (maybe even better) life. . . Thats how I think of it anyway.

2006-01-27 14:50:34 ET

Holy crap...I live in Williamston and go to Ahoskie weekly. How neat.

2006-01-27 15:41:01 ET

I'm in kernersville near winston salem I dont know how close i am to you guys lol

2006-01-27 15:41:08 ET

I'm in kernersville near winston salem I dont know how close i am to you guys lol

2006-01-27 20:21:49 ET

Oh cool thats great i didnt think anyone traveled to ahoskie. I dont know much bout the south anyways I dont know what town is where. So what is there to do here?

2006-01-28 05:16:56 ET

nothing gotta go to greenville. maybe we could meet up when i come down there next.

2006-01-28 17:29:40 ET

lol i hear that everything is in greenville. That would be cool to meet up next time you come

2006-01-29 05:50:57 ET

Alright :-)

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