Pain is love both 4 letter words
2006-03-19 22:58:46 ET

Love can be the best and worst emotion a person would ever feel.

What is the fucking point of being in love when all that happens is you get hurt in the end but only if you care. Love is fucked up and i wish i never found it or it found me. All i want is to be happy but i cry cause i lost the person i love, love is nothing but fucking tears, empty wishes, broken heatrs and broken promises. Love leaves a hole in your heart that only that person can fix or put back.

Love makes you happy it does feel good when that person says i love you makes you feel whole and complete makes you feel like you have a purpose thats the only good part about love. Once that person is done with you. The i love you's may stay but the feeling is never the same. If you are reading this ask yourself is love worth the tears like the ones i shed while typing this, is it worth the pain? I did everything for love but love did nothing for me.

2006-03-20 09:29:51 ET

When it's true love it's worth the bad shit. . . that's how ya know : )

2006-03-20 17:24:19 ET

Yeah that's true but it hurts too much I'd rather put a lit cigarette in my forearm that's how bad it kills me I hate crying.

2006-03-20 19:01:00 ET

ehh don't do that it'll get better

2006-03-20 19:26:35 ET

lol i wont do that im crazy not insane. i know it will get better i just wish it didnt have to end

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