2006-04-02 22:17:15 ET


[x] gotten drunk

[x] go to school

[x] dropped out of school

[x] have a pet

[] sleep walk

[] have ever own a backstreet boys CD

[x] cried in public

[x] puked in public

[x] particapatded in a talent show or play at school b4

[x] still color in little kid coloring books

[k] spell cool with a k [ kool ]

[] ever won one of those advertisements where you have to shoot the watermelon or the ducks

[x] pass notes in class


[] notebook

[] tuckeverlasting

[]where the red fern grows

[x] a walk to remember

[x] day after tomarrow

[x] taxi

[] a cinderella story

[x] drive me miss daisy

[] riding with boys

[x] miss congeniality 2

[x] beauty shop

[x] guess who

[x] gothika

[x] ring 1

[x] ring 2

[x] the grudge

[x] neopolian dynamite

[x] jungle book

[x] cinderella

[x] pocahontas

[x] Dumbo

--fill in the blanks--

>I am La
>I want to be happy .
>I need to leave nyc.
>I can't ever do anything right.
>I'm SO odd.
>I will never be ?
>I refuse to apologize.
>I will always be myself.
>One thing you should know about me is ?.
>I wish I had more friends who were trustworthy and not liars.
>One thing I would change about myself is my temper.
>I hate some people.
>I love some people.



*K*kinky (mmmm)
*V*vibrator (lol)


Eye Color:: brown
Hair Color:: dark brown
Hair Style:: depends on the day
Birthday(month and day):: 5/5
Heritage:: dont know
Religion:: none
Age:: 18
Skin Color::brown

.::Currently You're::.
Seeing:: this computer screen
Feeling::3 H's Hungry, Happy, Horny
Hearing:: Family guy dvd
Talking To:: nikki online
Eating:: nothing
Drinking:: water
Wearing:: tank top and boxers

.::Relation Ships::.
Single or Taken:: single
Crush/gf or bf:: none
Their Name:: no one
What do you like best about them:: n/a
Why are you attracted to them:: n/a

.::Last Person That::.
IMed you:: -- nikki
Yelled At You:: krys (online)
Hugged You:: natalie
Kissed You:: natalie (on cheek)
Said Your Name:: dont know
Stared At You:: hector
Laughed At/With You:: dont know

Band(s):: Metallica, tool, apc
Game(s):: castlevania, animal crossing, kingdom hearts
Movie(s):: soilent green, Family guy
Book(s):: the chamber
Friend(s):: good question
Song(s):: All metallica, tool, apc and tupac me and my g/f
Tv/Cartoon/Anime Show(s):: family guy, hellsing,boondocks
Food(s):: beef pattie
Color(s):: black/purple
Website(s):: not sure
Drink(s):: water and liquor

Obesity:: ??
Fidelity:: ??
Anorexic:: ??
Politics:: ??
Racism:: not right
Homosexuals:: love'em
Bisexuals:: depends
George W. Bush:: DIE BITCH
Abortion:: not right
Rape:: not right

.::Opinion on the band/singer::.
Good Charlotte:: bleh
Madonna:: old madonna better
Britney Spears:: ugly bitch
Lostprophets:: ??
Black Sabbath:: great
Blink 182:: eh
Something Corporate:: ??
Evanescence:: not too bad
Eminem:: bleh/hott
Usher:: *vomite*
Yellowcard:: ??
Hoobastank:: ??
Chevelle:: who

Best:: good question
Smartest:: "
Prettiest:: "
Funniest:: "
Sweetest:: "
Most Generous:: "
Most Annoying:: "
Most Creative:: "
Most Boring:: "
Saddest:: "
Most Talkative:: "
.::This or That::.
Dorritos or Cheetohs:: Cheetos
Cat or Dog:: dog
Jolly Ranchers or Starburst:: Starburst
Orange Juice or Apple Juice:: apple
Blonde or Brunette:: brunette
Black or White:: black
Red or Blue:: red
Japan or China:: japan
Winter or Summer:: summer
Halloween or Christmas:: halloween
X-Box or PS2:: ps2
MP3 or CDs:: hate questions like these
Pants or Shorts:: neither
Real Life or Webcam:: real life

Did you like the survey:: yeah
Scariest thing in the world::Assholes
Are you a guy or girl:: girl
5 things on your desk::cell phone/glasses/DS,cd's, my annoying cat
5 cherished things in your room:: me/art stuff/laptop/pictures/DS
Which question was the best:: ??


~WoRd AsSoCiAtIoN sUrVeY~
What word pops into your head when you hear....

Scissors -- cut
Smile -- fake
Internet -- yay
Mary -- virgin
Basketball -- women
Marker -- smell (dont ask)
CD -- music
Road -- drive
AOL -- "good-bye"
Sun -- shield
Talk -- music
Supercalafraglisticexpialidocious -- happy (never knew how to spell it)
yellow -- Bright
Jimmy -- neutron
Star --sis
Movie -- family guy
Boat -- drowning
Sing -- bad
Telletubbies -- uht oh
School -- want to go back
Rain -- wet
Shine -- bright
Love -- is for losers
Me -- bleh

2006-04-02 22:23:34 ET

Eminem:: bleh/hott

Hehe that was funny ... bleh + hott ... Hehe

He is hott..Buttt remember our Alyssa Milano talk? Yeah shes way cuter

2006-04-02 23:24:55 ET

Love -- is for losers ???

2006-04-06 20:29:23 ET

i wont forget bout the alyssa Milano talk she is really cute...I say Love is for losers cause im still sort of feeling the effects of a break up so i feel that love is "shit"

2006-04-06 20:31:13 ET

You must give up a love to move on

2006-04-06 21:38:08 ET

I saw a cute girl in JCPenny's once

2006-04-10 21:50:13 ET

im a sick hopless romantic wasnt always like this hard to convert back...I notice alot of cute girls but i get ignored :(

2006-04-10 22:31:45 ET

Awww Well one will come your way The one I saw I'm sure wasn't a lesbian anyways So Bleh :/

2006-04-12 00:44:49 ET

lol well you never know alot of women here are hot and majority looks straight but they not. Need to go out and find me one lol

2006-04-12 09:16:31 ET


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