2006-05-12 11:18:49 ET

so i been watching E3 on the G4 channel. (Gammer channel)and the shit that i want so bad is the dam ps3 and the nintendo wii. The graffix for the ps3 are sick and the control alone for the nintendo wii is insane. as for fucking XBOX that shit sucks hands down ps3 will beat xbox 360. ps3 didnt even come out yet and it still beat it. Nintendo is in a league of its own it rocks no matter what. Cant wait till these systems come out it will be money worth spent even if i do go broke lol........for 2 weeks i been playing metal gear acid 2 for the psp and i finally fuckin finished it. YAY i feel so proud of myself.

2006-05-12 14:22:22 ET

wow. i heard there was something going on with modesty enforcement at e3, what's that about, don't gamers have libido's too?

2006-06-15 20:03:04 ET

lol i'm sure we

2006-06-16 10:08:33 ET

stand up for your rights as americans with pelvis's!

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