2002-06-24 05:27:11 ET

why do most humans act more like monkeys than humans....

2002-06-24 06:29:13 ET

they dont

monkeys are much smarter than humans in many senses...at least monkeys stay true to themselves and dont think theyre all fucking hot shtuff like monkeys do

though some humans LOOK more like monkeys than humans

2002-06-24 06:32:22 ET


you don't think monkeys think they're hot stuff...i would disagree

2002-06-24 06:32:49 ET

well at least they dont try to hide it...like humans...doe sthat work better?

2002-06-24 07:03:52 ET

well it works better, but i still don't know...i still think most humans act like monkeys...

2002-06-24 16:12:25 ET

they soooooooo doooooooooooooooooo

2002-06-26 07:03:45 ET

If you mean in a primitive, my tree branch is mine *territorial pissing* kind of way; then yes. If you mean our nation is a bunch of lemming *monkey-see-monkey-do* trendites; than yes, they do. If you mean they're just getting uglier *inbreeding and drug contortions*; than yes, they do. Fuck, you're right.

-All simple monkeys with alien babies, amphetamines for boys and crucifixes for ladies, save all the solace and wire a new world, sell all the living for more safer dead... anything to belong. -

*Marilyn Manson

2002-06-26 11:53:18 ET

well don't know much about marilyn manson and i have my own opinions about him, but yes, i do think they ACT like monkeys, the behaviour is i see is very primitive and animalistic...

2002-06-26 12:25:51 ET

You might see this as typical coming from me, but I blame it on the evolution theory. :P

Tell people they're monkeys and they act like monkeys.

2002-06-26 13:01:35 ET

maybe.......tell people to act nice, and they dont....what does that tell you?

also, theres a difference between people individually and people as a whole

2002-06-26 16:42:41 ET

I think the majority just wants the answers handed to them. I guess they just wanna fit in and not try to have to forge their own paths. I mean, really, I get where they're coming from... it's just not for me.

2002-06-26 20:16:27 ET

There's a difference between telling people what they are and telling people to act a certain way.. people like to take online personality tests, for example, but they don't like being told what to do.

So I agree with Zen about people wanting things to be handed to them.

2002-06-26 22:00:42 ET


well lummy i wouldn't say typical per say but you do seem to regurgitate the same rhetoric that most christians do, your giving the general "christian" stereotypical answers...i'm not undermining your brain, you seem very intelligent, i'm just making an observation, its a very large world out there, how much of it have you seen and been a part of, i was once reguritating the same statements you are now, i have found that most christian communitys exist because they close themselves off to the world and the idea's around them, kind of a less extreme version of being amish...

as for the monkey comment i think i was trying to make a statement of the general nature of mankind to act animalistic verse being completely conscience of there decisions and actions...

2002-06-26 22:08:31 ET

To be fair, you seem to regurgitate the same rhetoric I've heard from athiests. I'm giving stereotypical answers because it's better to be accurate and consistent than go out of my way to seem different than the others who share my beliefs, just to say I'm different.

You're right..it is a big world out there, and no, I haven't seen a lot of it myself. I've only been from North Carolina to Toronto to Wisconsin. I've collected information from every class since 8th or 9th grade. I don't remember the facts, which I keep in folders under my desk, but I remember ideas.

I was never the way I am now.. I was very open-armed and care-free to the world, and I still am in some ways. Sometimes the way we are makes me want to scurry into hiding, though.

2002-06-26 22:14:16 ET

Oh people are aware alright, just no one wants the beat of their own sticks. *If I may flood your box thingy for a moment*... I wrote a song a few months ago about this very subject, man not holding himself responsible for his own persecution. Ironically, the title is Designated Monkeys. So if I may, here's the lyrics...

Designated Monkeys

Rips inside the stitchless stitch
Tie the knots in synthetic twine
With defenseless monkeys in the infirmary...for mindless incarceration

Sacrificial babies in mechanical wombs
String on a keyring, fucked with the luck
It's all fun and games with the silver-blonde pawn
Lazy razor artists, corners tapered and dull

Designated monkeys, defenseless and dry
Designated monkeys, empty display design
Designated monkeys playing with their guns
Ape's entertainment; dominance of the herd

Test tube babies spawned in paranoia
Disobediance restrictions
We call it independance while you laugh at our impotance

Today they're 16, tomorrow we're re-written
Make a wish on the smothered flame
Another hit on the counter countdown
Seventeen will never be the same.

2002-06-26 22:16:59 ET


2002-06-26 22:52:54 ET

Actually I wrote an essay on this theory. It's at my site. Read it if you want and give me your thoughts. http://groups.msn.com/eternallydamned/monkeyseemonkeydo.msnw

2002-06-27 05:35:14 ET

i would hope my atttitude at the least lummy sets me apart from the normal deluge you would be recieving from an athiest....

2002-06-27 05:35:51 ET

hey terror that essay you wrote says i have to log in to see it

2002-06-27 06:16:47 ET

Your attitude definitely sets you apart, Peter.

2002-06-28 09:34:00 ET

no its doesnt....dont listen to lummy..she lies


2002-06-28 10:56:47 ET


2002-07-08 03:35:39 ET

If were talking about MOST people, then aren't they setting the norm for human behavior, no matter how simian?

Hey will someone pick these fucking ticks off my back? I'm dying here!

2002-07-08 15:18:47 ET

-=picks and eats, picks and eats=- ....HEY! That was a trick, wasn't it? _

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