been a while...
2003-11-06 22:37:07 ET

so how is everyone...

2003-11-07 05:17:57 ET

good. :D

2003-11-07 07:28:56 ET

hey mr pic editing guy, long time no see :D

2003-11-07 11:15:29 ET

yeah, i've been doing a lot of stuff out in that place thats not the internet...

2003-11-07 15:43:06 ET

what is said place?

2003-11-07 17:30:31 ET

i think they call it the real world, it has tree's...and streets...

2003-11-07 17:41:05 ET


what are these things? you are confusing me

oh oh like dir/tre ?

2003-11-07 21:58:39 ET

no, its like made of wood, and there's these green things, leaves i think...

it was amazing, there was a lot of other people, but they were like me, they moved, and talked...and a giant ball of fire hung in the sky, and at night, a gaint block of cheese....

2003-11-08 07:11:20 ET

wow. interesting.
**hmmm** o-u-t-s-i-d-e
did you at least carry a cell that you could connect through?

2003-11-08 17:38:17 ET

no...not even a PDA....

2003-11-08 22:13:12 ET

he has to borrow other people's cell phones. :D

2003-11-08 22:41:06 ET

yeah...i have to borrow others people cells

2003-11-09 06:58:38 ET

nothing electronimical?

2003-11-09 16:52:11 ET

not even a watch

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