2003-11-08 21:59:02 ET

up late as always....

nothing to do, read, listen to music, check the IM's every four minutes...i wonder how alienated everyone feels thanx to the internet...

2003-11-08 22:14:38 ET

I am allegedly going to bed. shyeah, right.

2003-11-08 22:47:41 ET


2003-11-08 22:47:46 ET

same here

2003-11-08 22:51:44 ET


2003-11-08 23:05:19 ET

a horde of insomniacs trying desparately to find a way of contacting each other, in the most non intrusive way possible

2003-11-08 23:09:18 ET

"i wonder how alienated everyone feels thanx to the internet..."
I think just as alienated as they do elsewhere? Something like taking the time to focus on a group taking away from the time one spends focusing drawing attention to oneself . . . As a contributing factor, anyway . . .

2003-11-09 16:49:17 ET


2003-11-09 20:06:55 ET

I feel less alienated because of the internet. it's allowed me to find people who share more of my interests, and in a forum where drunkeness is not a necessity. :D

I've met a lot of the people I've met on the net in person. I think that's prolly what keeps it from being alienating.

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