the jar...
2003-11-10 17:59:13 ET

so what is it half empty, half full, .....water....*shrugs* i don't know, it's words...i going to probably ramble a bit but thats because my instant messengers are strangely silent, but i really wonder, how much of our lives are purely fiction filler crap, inventions of our minds ... maybe a while ago i would have said none of it is, but the more i watch, the more i'm pretty sure, most of it is...

i've thought of following that example, tracing how much of my world was an invention of my mind, but its a very subtle thing to pick up on, you have to watch not only the world around you but the motions of your own mind, i have the haunting feeling that all of it is...that the whole world is a projection of my own mind...

sometimes this feeling is re-intrepreted in my mind, sometimes i feel that its the reverse, that i can view the whole universe with only my mind, a single mind seeing all others...not intimately rending single minds, but just feeling like an extension of a larger whole...

either way i'd say i'm not one of those people who believes in a god entity...i find the idea of something or some one watching and planning all of this history as detestable... i would say i side more with the ideal that this world is the world of pain and suffering

2003-11-10 18:02:17 ET

"sometimes i feel that i can view the whole universe with only my mind, a single mind seeing all others.."

this sounds like a job description of God, if it is possible for you to think it why is it not possible for God to live it?

on a slightly more rational note, have you ever read Karl Popper ?

2003-11-10 20:22:58 ET

yeha i find it a bit scary.

2003-11-11 08:09:43 ET

god? god to me, is the universe....i have no belief in a separate entity that watches over, i have had no exprience that would lead me to believe in one...

karl i'll check him out though...

2003-11-11 10:12:41 ET

well just the fact that there may be something controlling us. it is kinda sick too.

but i believe in fate and manifest destiny.

2003-11-11 13:08:09 ET

the whole theory of sin is that there is NOT something controlling us. In the Muslim version of things, all of creation was offered the gift of free will. Only man accepted it- all other creatures, even angels, were afraid.

afraid of how they would end up, probably.

2003-11-11 14:07:52 ET


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